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Cleaning the flue passes of a filthy solid fuel boiler is a sweaty, dirty and time consuming chore.

If the boiler is left for some time before cleaning, deposits become hard and very difficult to remove - leading to blockages and backfiring.


"Essential product for Rayburn."
Sandra White, Carmarthenshire

What does Flueclear do?
  • Flueclear chemically alters the products of combustion, giving what can be called a clean burn.
  • Tars and smuts are prevented from forming and therefore are not emitted into the flue passes or the atmosphere.
  • Deposits are reduced and do not form hard build ups in the flue passes.
  • Only a light dust will deposit on the flues, which is easily brushed away.
  • Flueclear dramatically reduces the carbon content of the dust and as a result it will appear far lighter in colour.

Non-toxic and safe to use with stainless steel flue liners
Safe to handle, store and use

What will Flueclear achieve?
  • Boiler deposits are reduced throughout the boiler and stack making cleaning much easier.
  • Flueclear lessens the risk of blockages and backfiring.
  • Flueclear saves fuel.
  • Flueclear maintains the heat transfer rates in the boiler, allowing it to work efficiently throughout the heating season.
  • Flueclear lessens the risk of chimney fires.

Flueclear may be used on all the following appliances

  • Solid fuel boilers
  • Gravity feed boliers
  • Multi-fuel boilers
  • Wood burners
  • Straw burners

Regular use of Flueclear ensures that boiler flues remain free from hard scale and tar deposits.
It remains important to remove the light, dusty deposits through regular brushing/cleaning.



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