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On a clean appliance, sprinkle two teaspoons (24 grams) of Flueclear directly on to the fuel once a day or each time you light the fire.

If your appliance is already dirty, sprinkle three teaspoons (36 grams) of Flueclear directly on to the fire once a day or each time you light the fire.

After three to four weeks of regular treatment, existing deposits will begin to dislodge. These loose deposits will still require physical removal.

For gravity feed appliances, sprinkle two to three teaspoons (24 - 36 grams) of Flueclear over the fuel in the feed hopper each time it is filled.

Flueclear may be added to the fuel either before lighting or after the fire has been lit. Depending on your appliance, you may find that you need to supplement the initial dose if the powder has fallen through the grate. Adding Flueclear to a bed of burning embers will help alleviate this.

Flueclear is non-toxic, not volatile, non-flammable and completely safe to use. It requires no special handling or storage

logs_in_stoveFlueclear acts within the combustion zone to prevent the formation of tar and soot compounds that vapourise during combustion and condense on the cool heat transfer surfaces. In preventing this initial development stage, Flueclear stops the subsequent formation of hard bonded deposits. Any deposits will now be be soft and easily removed.

Regular treatment with Flueclear will ensure that your appliance, your flues and your chimney remain free from hard scale and tar deposits. Flueclear is primarily a preventative treatment and is most effective on a clean appliance. A clean appliance is an efficient appliance.


It is vital that you continue to have your flue and chimney swept regularly. The Guild of Master Chimnney Sweeps recommends the following sweeping frequency:
  • Smokeless fuel - at least once a year
  • Wood - quarterly when in use
  • Coal - quarterly when in use
  • Oil - once a year
  • Gas - once a year



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